5 Tips For Rugby League Beginners

If you thought soccer is the most popular game, you are wrong. Rugby is a very popular and global sport that can be played by everyone. However, you need to learn how to play it. Rugby is considered the game of strong individuals. You need to be strong to play the game as it needs force. Here are five tips for rugby league beginners that will help you to play like a pro.

Get a rugby ball

The first step to playing well is to purchase a ball specifically designed for rugby.  If you have watched the top players when they are playing, you might have noticed that they can use ball flakes and dummies. Having a ball can also help you to learn to pass the ball equally using your hands. Once you buy your ball try and pass to a friend so your hands can learn to coordination.

Train on drills

Training drills can help you to improve your physical condition. Circuit training and shuttle runs can assist to build up power, general fitness, and long-distance runs. Apart from that, weight training is crucial since it will assist you to build strength. If you want to become a top rugby player, invest in drills.

Learn the basic rules

Every game has its rules. Rugby too has the rules that you should follow when playing it. The rules are easy to learn and adhere to. As a new player, you need to learn the offside, knock-on rules. Also, you need to learn what can result in illegal play, mauls, and rucks. Once you learn and understand the basic rules, you will find it easy to play and the game will be enjoyable. You will always look forward to playing rugby.

Put on protection

Safety is very important. Whether you are playing soccer or rugby, you need to ensure that you are safe. Make sure that you put on protection at all times. If you are participating in the complete contact version, you should ensure that the body is completely protected. There are different equipment that you can use to protect yourself.

For instance, you could purchase lightweight shirts that have detachable pads, bicep guards, forearm guards, headgear, calf, and mouthguards. But you might want to first have the mouthguard and headgear. These are the top gears that you need while playing rugby.

Watch many games

The secret to becoming a top player is to watch as many rugby games as possible. Although participating in a game is critical, it is important to watch a game too. Maybe there are no rugby games near you. Don’t worry, you can watch many through the internet. Watch the game and observe how the players that play in your position make moves. This is a good way to improve and become the best.


You too can become a top rugby player if you follow the above tips. While you might need professional training, there are so many free videos on the internet that can help you become the best.